February 12, 2011

New Goodies!

A couple of nights ago I decided to get rid of this monstrosity that Tyson, the co-dependant kitten, ripped to shreds. 

I wanted to add a coffee table since I don't really have room for a dinner table, because I live in a shoe box.  So off to Ikea we went, where I got this beauty!

But the best part about a trip to Ikea is that they have an extensive kitchen section.  And I love kitchen goodies.  Dishes, appliances, storage containers... ahh.  It's all so good.

After picking out the coffee table I made my way to the kitchen section and got down to business.

I got a new plant, which doesn't actually belong in the kitchen but it's lovely to look at.

Some new wine glasses, because I'm down to my last two.

A salad spinner!

A fancy new sharp knife

A cutting board for said new fancy sharp knife

A roasting pan for future roast chicken endeavors

And my favorite!  I got some pretty, clean white dishes so that in my pictures of food, the food won't blend into the yellow color of my old dishes.  Not appealing.

The trip to Ikea did yield me a new coffee table, which K so cleverly put together.  But the best part of the trip?  New toys.  Definitely new toys.

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