February 23, 2011

Tomato Mushroom and Spinach Scramble

I have class until 9:00pm on Tuesday nights so it's always a struggle finding something to eat.  I leave class starving and exhausted and usually just pop in something frozen or make a sandwich.  But this week, I thought that instead of waiting around for the hour it takes for my tiny oven to preheat (seriously.  It takes an hour.) I could probably cook something. 

Eggs cook up quick.  Omelettes are good and easy.  Perfect for Tuesday nights after a long day of work and school.

I started by browning some chopped mushrooms and grape tomatoes.  I cooked the mushrooms for about 5 minutes before adding the tomatoes, then cooked the tomatoes for another 3 minutes.

Then I added some spinach.

And let it wilt down a little bit.  Like two minutes.

While all this was getting good and cooked, I whisked up three eggs, a little bit of milk, some salt, and some pepper.  Then I added the egg mixture to the veggie mixture and started the omelette.

So, technically that's the omelette.  Vegetables and eggs, cooked just like that, until its firm enough to flip over.  You add cheese in there when the cookings almost done so that it gets good and melty.  I used blue cheese because I had some left over. 

But here's the surprise in Omelette Surprise.  I am incapable of flipping an omelette.  So... Surprise!  Not so much of an omelette as it was a scramble.  But it had lofty omelette ideals so I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt and calling it an omelette, sort of.  This is also why I quit taking pictures and there's no final product.  Omelette's are gorgeous.  Scrambles are not. 

Here's what I think went wrong:
  • The vegetables were too wet and the omelette didn't firm up like it should have.
  • I didn't wait long enough before flipping and the omelette didn't firm up like it should have.
  • Too much veggies, not enough eggs.
  • My spatula is weird and curves backwards which makes it difficult to flip anything without making a mess.
Nonetheless, omelettes are delicious and easy to make.  Even if they turn into a scramble.  It's all good.  Eggs for dinner--perfect for a late night, quick fix.