April 13, 2011

An Off Week

Something floated through the air, or maybe it's all the rain up here in the Northeast, or a full moon, but I can't cook for the life of me this week.  Recipe after recipe is tanking. 

Here's my problem, though.  A year ago I would have made this dish, scarfed it down, made a mental note for next time, then gone about my business.  But I have you people to answer to now!  So, when I make something that is a little wonky, out of honesty I need to tell you about it, but out of true compassion for you and very real concern for my fragile status as an authority on food, I can't in good conscious tell you to try it.

Last night I made my weekly pasta.  I had some spinach left over from pizza night so I decided to combine my favorite simple pasta dish, Spaghetti Aglio Olio (Spaghetti with oil and garlic) with the Spinach aspect of Cajun Pasta.  What ended up happening was I made The Best Dang Spinach Ever and threw some pasta in it.  Then added blue cheese crumbles. 

Are you confused yet?  Let me clarify.  I combined four things that I know I like; garlic spinach, spaghetti aglio olio, spinach pasta, and blue cheese crumbles and expected four rights to equal, well, a right.  Unfortunately, four rights equaled a big, weird, messy wrong. 

I may be overreacting a bit.  It wasn't horrible.  I ate it after all.  It was just weird, and not blog-worthy.

Here are the mental notes I would've kept to myself but can't because I pledged to write a blog this year:

1. Don't put blue cheese on it.  The flavor is waaayyy too strong and Parmesan will suffice.  Blue cheese apparently doesn't go on everything.  Who knew?
2. Make the red pepper flake and garlic oil first, then toss the pasta in, then add the spinach so it just wilts into the pasta.  This way, you won't have bland pasta with a big hunk-o-spinach every now and then.



Er.... Weird.

And I won't even go into the disaster that is happening in my oven right now.  I'm attempting to make thumb print cookies for a big event I'm hosting at work tomorrow, and it's a big, crumbly mess.  I seriously can not bake.  I'll write about that some other time, when my pride isn't whimpering in the corner.

I did however take some really pretty pictures of Boston this weekend while we went on an "urban hike!" 

So.  No recipe today, and my deepest apologies, again.  But at least you're not leaving empty handed, right? 

Oh, and please come back.  There will be more recipes.  I'll get better.  Like I said, it's the rain, or the air, or the moon. 

Yeah, it's totally the moon.


  1. Hi Hatsie! Just discovered your blog-- so cute! I love when people can talk about their mistakes with cooking as well as their triumphs. My husband Taylor and I also have a food blog, but it is much more simple http://dinnerwithtandk.tumblr.com/. Just an iphone pic and brief description of our nightly dinners. Anyway, great to catch up with your life... seems like you are doing great!
    -Katherine (Cox) Ansley

  2. Hats,Just wanted to let you know.....I am NOT a baker. I might be able to cook everything in the world but my bread,biscuits and any other anything that I bake is BAD. I can bake a pie,make a cake,make cookies,etc. but when it comes to bread products,forget it. You know how I fixed that??? My Husband is the BEST baker ever. Yeast braes,rolls,cinnamon rolls,anything. Anything he bakes is a testament to God,it is so good. So,don't worry about it,just move on to what you do best in the kitchen. love you child, Ann Hubbard Hollandsworth